Impressions of Bangkok 2003

I took my first visit to this lively city back in 2003. I liked it because it kept all my senses busy all the time.

Bangkok was dreamland to men because there was plenty of chicks.

Bangkok was a heaven to ladies because it has wonderful spas and shopping opportunities.

If shopping on land was not exotic enough, then Thai folks float the market for you.

The merchants had mastered the skills to cook on the tiny boat. I guess in case there was fire, there were enough water around.

I got to taste the mouth watering Tom Yam, lobster, and local dishes. The most memorable place would be the narrow alleys and back lanes in China Town. I can also meet any friendly locals.

Buddhism was the leading religion and Buddhist monks and temples could be seen everywhere.

Many temples and palaces have impressive ornament and structures that wow the visitors.

Sleeping Buddha.

This statue was more than 2 storeys tall.

The old palace at Dusit was made without using any nail.

Bangkok was an exciting city to visit again. I used the Sony DSC-V1 point-and-shoot camera during the trip. I will be nice if I can take a SLR camera on the next trip, may be on 2013 🙂


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