Impressions of Saigon – Coffee

I visited Ho Chi Minh City back in September 2008, and looking forward to Hanoi in 2011. Revisiting some old memory, the first impression was the havock traffic and criss-cross motorcycles. The second impression has to be the fantastic Vietnamese coffee.

Besides the strong and thick coffee flavour, the memorable experience will be siting by the roadside, on very low table and chair, and waiting for the coffee to drip slowly. The slow pace is an extreme contrast to the speeding motorbikes.

After few days in Saigon, I found the best place to enjoy morning coffee is in the park.

I tried and have a coffee at one of these road side stalls. Thank goodness I have strong (fat) stomach to fight the germs.

Of course, the typical good food will be the beef noodles, spring rolls. If you are more adventurous, there are coconut worms, snails, and the fish pancake (picture below):

or have a sip of the cobra wine.

I will say pass and ok with the dried fruits and meats.

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