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Impressions of Zhou Zhuang 周庄水乡印象

Zhou Zhuang was a millennium old water town with maze of canals, established around 1086. It was known as the Venice of the East, and was a popular town for tourist to Shanghai or Su Zhou. I took a bus and have a day trip to have a short visit to this town.



Impressions of Old Shanghai

We visited Shanghai in November 2009, and spent more days in the older part of the city.

Shanghai (1)



Impressions of Xi Hu 西湖印象

From literatures, I always have the impression that Xi Hu was the most beautiful lake in China.

With AirAsia, Malaysian can take a weekend, jump on the plane, take a stroll along the lakeside and coming back next day. Of course, not many kiasu (‘afraid to lose’) Malaysians like me willing do that. What a waste of cheap low-cost airline ticket. Hang Zhou is so close to Shanghai, so the trip has to be at least 1 week to make it worth while.


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