Impressions of Xi Hu 西湖印象

From literatures, I always have the impression that Xi Hu was the most beautiful lake in China.

With AirAsia, Malaysian can take a weekend, jump on the plane, take a stroll along the lakeside and coming back next day. Of course, not many kiasu (‘afraid to lose’) Malaysians like me willing do that. What a waste of cheap low-cost airline ticket. Hang Zhou is so close to Shanghai, so the trip has to be at least 1 week to make it worth while.


< 雷峰夕照 >

It takes at least 1 to 2 days just to cover the lakeside views comprehensively. With my one day walk, I only managed to visit few out of the 10 ‘die die must see’ recommended tourist spots ( 西湖十景). There are old and new versions of these 10 sights.

Below was the list from Southern Song Dynasty 南宋 “西湖十景”

1) 苏堤春晓 2) 平湖秋月 3) 曲院风荷 4) 断桥残雪 5) 柳岸闻莺

6) 花港观鱼 7) 双峰插云 8 ) 三潭印月 9) 雷峰夕照 10) 南屏晚钟

Don’t bother to ask me to translate, just google or bing “Xi hu” and plenty of online materials about this beautiful lake should appear. If I translate them with my limited English skill, you will ‘die down laughing’.

So less words and more pictures (a picture worth a thousand words).


The lake area was surrounded by lush of greenery and parks.



There were many old temples, some were recently refurbished to maintain the original look.

< 雷峰塔 >5

< 城隍阁 >6





Xi Hu was a popular place for foreign and local tourist. Sometimes you have to make way for locals to strike a good pose.


More images to come on next post about Hang Zhou.

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