Impressions of Old Shanghai

We visited Shanghai in November 2009, and spent more days in the older part of the city.

Shanghai (1)



Shanghai (5)


Shanghai (6)


Shanghai (2)


Shanghai (7)

再多几年, 单车的踪影不知会更难寻。

Shanghai (3)

The amount of bicycles on the road has been dramatically reduced. It has been replaced by the fancy cars as the economy boomed in the past decade in China. The scene was very different as compared to my visited back in the 90s.

Past visit to China gave me 3 lasting impressions.

1) Bicycles, lots of bicycles.

2) rain drops on sunny day. If you looked up, you could see the rain drops were from the hanging of wet clothing on the balconies.

Shanghai (9)

3) people like to wear pyjamas as fashionable outfit. Ladies and men wear sleeping pyjamas going to night market, or in the middle of the day. I still manage to saw a few during this visit.

Shanghai (4)

So many new skyscrapers are replacing the old houses. New businesses opening everyday.


< 田子坊 >Shanghai (10)

I may visit Shanghai again in another 10 years. And I properly will not see the sight of old Shanghai anymore.

Shanghai (8)

< 东台古玩 >

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