Impressions of arts and floras at Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is different from the bustling Bangkok city, the former is more peaceful and artistic. Most of the handicrafts ‘made in Thailand’ came from Northern Thailand.

Painted umbrella is one of the famous handicraft, especially from Borsan village. The artistic traces could be seen in many places. I found this chair in a dark corner on the first floor of a local restaurent, 99% of the diners would miss it but the owner still ensure every corner was filled eye pleasing decorations.

And this fan was hanging on the basement ceiling of a hotel outskirt of Chiang Mai town. I was stunned by the carving and details surrounding just a fan.

When I walked pass ordinary shop, the view could be artistic too.  (I think it might be the Vespa that did the trick).

Of course, temples would be decorated more elaborately with carvings and sculptures.

Besides handicrafts and art works, Chiang Mai is also known as “Rose of the North”, thus famous for floras. The cooler weather supports wide range of floras. I even found tulips in the park.

Even the ordinary flower looked fresher.

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