Impressions of Northern Thai Foods

Thai foods in Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai) has some differences when compared to the Southern Thailand (Bangkok). Signature Thai dishes like Tong Yam Gong have different presentation and flavour.

Thailand never disappoint tourist when it comes to food choices. Let’s me start off with what you can buy in the shopping mall – bamboo worms as snack (like potato chips in other countries).

I bought one pack for my colleagues but not many brave souls dare to try.

Then, there are plenty of other food that are familar but presented in different style, like the sausages (I saw similar presentation put on the floor and on the merchant’s head in Indonesia).

Even the McDonald clown has different gesture in Thailand.

The hawker stalls on the local night market has more interesting food options. One could walk, browse, buy some and taste them and continue walking.

The smoke and smell would lure you to the stores. Typically a good (relatively safe) try would be the grill squid, fruits etc.

Most of the markets will also have deserts and snacks. If you don’t like sweet, spicy or sour foods, then you are in the wrong place (you can order Value Meal in McD).

In Chiang Mai, my favourite have to be the sticky rice (must visit the local restaurent where they serve in small plates) and eat with your hands (there is no fork & chopstick).

sticky rice

And then this local dish made of fried herbal leave and fried papaya, excellent!!!!

In Chiang Mai, you should eat first and worry later.

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