Impressions of India – Children

The most memorable impressions are the big eyes and genuine smiles of the kids. Some are cute but some look more mature than their age. One can easily see child labor and beggars on the street.

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Impressions of India – Faces

Every portrait or face tells a story. The best place to take portrait are away from the tourist hot spots. In those tourist fested areas, they will be many enthusiastic locals volunteer to pose for you, or encourage you to take a photo of their animal or kid (monkey, camel, or even baby), be prepared to pay them tips in return, else you will be in trouble.

So, the better place is where locals hang out and fewer tourists. It is great honour and experience to take some portraits of folks on the street. Look into their eyes, you may find a story lies within.

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Impressions of India – People at work 1

It is very interesting to get close to the locals and interact with them. Seeing them busy doing their chores or expressing their skills are exciting.

It is not easy to build those impressive palaces. It is also tough job to maintain and to restore them. Jas Mandir is the private audience hall inside Amber Fort. Because of the glass inlay and reflective mirror, the marble hall give audience a feel of elegance.

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