Impressions of Bali – Arts

Balinese art, especially Balinese style architecture, is synonamous with relaxation, thus adopted widely in many resorts and country homes.

The clever use of water, stone, woods and natural elements like florals make Balinese decorations and arts having a Zen liked impression. Very soothing.

Of course, the most memorable will be their temples and carving. The stone and wood sculpture are readily found in every corner of every household, garden and temples. The outstanding element is that they are all distinctively BALINESE style.

The most unique gate design will be the split gate (Candi Bentar) for courtyards or temple, or into a town.

The red and volcanic sandstones are common materials used in building structure. If we move closer, there are so much details can be observed.

The colors and intrigate design, most with symmetry, are just enjoyable.

Even small offerings hanging on the wall are hand-made, just from leaves.

One can find many ‘Made in Indonesia’ tourist gifts, some of from Bali but many more are from the other islands in Indonesia. Once these goods appears in the shops in the developed countries, the price could be tens or many times higher.

Many are the crafts are icons from the legends, like the Garudas, mythical birds.

The best way to admire such handi crafts is to walk on foot, through the lanes in Ubud. You can find both old and new creative designs, very pleasant for photographers because most of the shop owners or households welcome shutter bugs.

If you like painting, Ubud will be the central of Balinese painting. I really like those colorful, some abstract and some life-like paintings.


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