Impressions of Bali – Landscape

Bali and Lombok are not very big islands, but because if the volcanic mountains, it creates landscape that could surprise many of us. I visited Bali in 1997 as dumb tourist, stucked in the hotel for conference. Get smarter in 2009tour, did the hotel hopping. Meaning that travel to different part of the island and stay in different hotel for 7 days. Having said that, I still do not have luck to see or to hike Mount Agung (one of the goals to achieve in the next trip). Having travel to different part of the island, you can see the sheer vertical cliff and rough seafront. Which reminds me of our emotion, creating waves when hitting the rocks.

or the diving paradise like the Blue Lagoon.

or the calm beach front (so shallow that you cannot swim, but only to see dolphins) at Lovina.

Lovina is the totally opposite of Kuta beach. There is fewer tourist, only sound of the gentle waves. Some Emotional Management guru advise us to be aware of the arising emotion (e.g. anger) like a wave hitting the shore, if we can extend the shore line indefinitely, any strong wave will eventually die down into ripple. So this picture reminds me of this analogy (versus the strong waves at the cliff side of Uluwatu).

You can choose to surf with the wild dolphins on boat like this, but has to depart by 6:30am.

The north east part of the island is relatively dryer. You can see people growning tabacoo, coffee etc, instead of the padi in the southern part. Padi field is also very pleasant to the eyes.

some are on level field, some are on challenging hill slope that create picturistic view.

You can even stop by some villages and have very fresh local produces for lunch.

The most impressive all, is to have tea or lunch by the edge of the volcano rim. The Kintamani stopover is a must see to view Gunung Batur and Lake Batur. It is a true expression of the WOW factor of Balinese landscape. 

There are also waterfalls and lakes. The most famous of all will be Lake Bratan, with the famous (on most postcards) Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple in the middle of the lake. Overall impressions? There are ups and downs, wet and dry seasons in our lives, just like Bali’s landscape.

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