Impressions of Bali – Relaxation

Bali always reminded me of “doing nothing” and “relaxing spas and massages”. Find an afternoon, do nothing but sleep on the bed with loose clothing (or nothing on depends on your preference), the cool breeze in the lazy afternoon plus the hypnotic sound of the waves, creates a drowsy prescription for lazy people like me.

Many hotels have inifity pool or swimming pool very close to the beach front. Ideal spot to doze off. Another good spot is the open air massage, full of tropical feel. One should have at least one massage (a day) if budget permit, it is just damp addictive (or required after a long day walk).

Resting in the park is also a cooling experience.

Afternoon sun could be too much UV risk, so my favourite pass time is eat out at the local restaurents. Some offer good view, like the Rock Bar at Kuta or this Lotus Restaurent at Ubud.

But my personal favorite is Made’s Warung I at Jalan Pantai Kuta. The steam fish with mushroom is the killer dish (and many others). I visited several times and never get bored with the foods. Made’s Warung was established in  1969 and still standing strong as a leading eatery that cook both local and western dishes.

There are also many famous restaurents and local dishes like the grilled pork, bebek bututu (stuffed ducked) and this one, the dirty duck (see the hair follicles still on the duck skin).

If you like to stay up for some night live activities, hit for Kuta. One can start with Hard Rocks @ Kuta. They have live bands and the largest swimming pool in Bali. Convenient location to stay before flying off.


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