Impressions of Bali – The Culture Preservers

Bali remains one of my favourite places to visit. It is accessible and has great cultural elements for first timer. First impression I got from this little island in Indonesia – it has great ways to preserve culture and living it. In many Asian countries, one can notice that the younger generation has been heavily influenced by the western trends, but this phenomenon is not severe in Bali.

Thank you to those dedicated artisen who pain takingly preserve and train the younger generation the values of their culture.

But of course the kids have to accept and to be proud of their culture.

Ubud is the main cultural town, thus I like to stay in Ubud more than Kuta. Nearby, you can see many young girls practicing the heritage dancing moves inside the palace.

One has to admire their dedication and commitment during the practice. You can see that they pay attentions to little pose of their fingers, eyes and body posture. That gives me great respect when I watch the real performance. It is lots of hardworks and practices behind those elegant moves.

So I have to say thank you to these young souls who keep the culture alive (also good contribution to Balinese Tourism).

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