Impressions of India – Architecture 2

The Hawa Mahal is possibly the second most popular tourist site after Taj Mahal. Mainly because of the close distance between Jaipur and Agra.

Behind the wall is the City Palace. The problem with sight seeing in India is entrance fees are demanded everywhere. To enter the City Palace, visitor has to pay. To enter Chandra Mahal, a building inside, you have to pay again. To visit the toilet, be prepare to pay 10 Rupees. If the guards inviting you to take pictures,  be prepared to pay more tips. So after a while, I just decline to visit endless sights and monuments.

Doorway carries meaning significants based on the decoration. Above is one of the four doorways in Pritam Chowk inside the City Palace – Jaipur. Each represents one of the seasons. The bigger doorway called Pol are always interesting first impression when intering into any fort or palace. A typical pol looks like this:

Some are more exaggerate, like the Ganesh Pol in Amber Fort. It is 3 storeys high, with built in apartment (inside the door), that give you an idea how thick and high is a ‘doorway’.

Even simple door of a house inside Jaisalmer Fort (the only fort with people still living inside, and it is the only fort without entrance fees). So I ended up spending 3 days in Jaisalmer. 🙂

I took few photos using the Dramatic Art Filter in Jaisalmer Fort. The filter has a way to distort dirty look and enhance the contrast of the outline. So it give very interesting presentation on stoney walls and wooden structure. Here is a good illustration. This wall is made of cow dung (bull shit), but you don’t feel dirty right? That is the fun part of Dramatic Art Filter in Olympus camera. The ingenuity of the Indian people is the intelligence recycle of waste. Cow dung can be used like cement or fuel.

The pile of stone looks like random but it was used as weapon during war time, and now can be used as construction materials.

Look at the simplicity of the house (actually has people staying inside). The empty space underneath the staircase can park motorbike.

Here is another Dramatic view of Amber Fort. The fort has similar strucutre like the Great Wall of China, it was built on a hill side.

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