Impressions of India – Architecture 3

I did not reliaze I have so many pictures on buildings. Let me just share some interesting pieces.

Some palaces or rooms are glittering with gems, tinted glasses and mirrors. A good examples are Phool Mahal in Mehrangarh Fort. There are few other nicely decorated chambers like like inside the fort (or in other palaces). This room was built ~1730, nearly 300 years ago.

The guard inside this fort (now became a museum), even the tinted glass was imported from Belgium.

Sometime rich people can rent the palace for function. This was part of the work-in-progress when I visited the City Palace – Jaipur. Someone was preparing a wedding in the palace hall.

For the rich merchants or ministers, their nicely decorated house is called Haveli. There are many grand Havelis in Jaisalmer, but the more interesting hand painted havelis can be found in a small town called Mendawa.


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