Impressions of India – People at work 1

It is very interesting to get close to the locals and interact with them. Seeing them busy doing their chores or expressing their skills are exciting.

It is not easy to build those impressive palaces. It is also tough job to maintain and to restore them. Jas Mandir is the private audience hall inside Amber Fort. Because of the glass inlay and reflective mirror, the marble hall give audience a feel of elegance.

More interesting works are often found on the street. The most interesting experience during this trip is at Chandi Chowk, Old Delhi. We can see workers (and beggars) started their day early. The shops are not yet open by 8am, and there is no tourist. That gives us the golden opportunity to interest with the locals. By 11am, these ancient marketplace will be so crowded that one can hardly walk without knocking to someone.

The cart puller and carrier already finished their delivery before 9am. It was increble scene to see so many man-pulling or animal-pulling carts carrying heavy loads on the narrow lanes.

Once the goods were delivered, many workers starting to take ease and some deserving rest.

(notice the messy power cables on the street)

The above picture gives me a hint that one without shoe can be happier than one wears leather shoe.

There are also different grades of barber shops. Some inside shop:

the second grade barber shop is at the corridor

the lowest grade is on the divider, in the middle of the street, under the sun.

Sometimes locations or grades do not matter, as long as it is a nice haircut and close shave.

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