Impressions of India – Thar Desert

Thar Desert is a dry place (else they won’t call it desert) near the border of Pakistan and India, at the state of Rajasthan. The weather could be quite extreme, cold at night and dawn, but blazing hot at noon time. Things to see? Sands, Camel and Sunset.

Not much vegetation, just harsh bushes and desert plants.

Khejri trees have many different names but they are the common sights for thousands of miles in Rajasthan. The bare looking tree has their leaves cut to feed camels, sheep and cows, and sometimes their stems are chopped as fuel. So it is precious plant for desert lives.

Many desert plants have thorns. I punched through my slippers when I wore it on the desert.

more sands (3 pictures taken with Dramatic Art Filter)

One good view of desert is golden egg yolk kind of sunset (becuase there is no cloud).

Sometimes, you may have wrong perception that you could in in Sahara or Cowboy town.

And of course one cannot experience desert without camels.

There are few breeds of camels in India. The one that we are riding are the Jaisalmeri Camel, which is fast runner with an average speed of 20KM/hr. Those cart pulling camels we often see on Bikaner’s streets are the heavy duty Bikaneri camels. The Gujarati camels are long distant traveller.

If you look carefully at the camel cart’s wheels. They are the old aircraft wheels.

This is my ride.


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