Impressions of India – Children

The most memorable impressions are the big eyes and genuine smiles of the kids. Some are cute but some look more mature than their age. One can easily see child labor and beggars on the street.

This kid gives me the lasting impression because of his natural poses. Despite working in harsh and dirty environment, he can give me such a brilliant smile that brighten my entire trip.

Many children have to help the family to earn a living at tender age. On my way to Jaipur in the middle of the congested traffic, I saw this poor boy using his skinny body as a “human brake” to stop the heavy cart from running down the slope. It is high noon, and the street is filled with dust and exhausts from vehicles. Many of us may not know how lucky are we.

Some kids have to start their day before the sunrise, so by 9am, this kid already care less and take a nap wherever possible.

Luckily for some children, they are well taken care of and being loved, or having fun.

This happy kid is having a joy ride on Honda Hero at the bazaar at Jodhpur.

Some are luckily to have easier access to the material world, and have a natural talent to strike a Bollywood pose.

Many just know how to have fun with friends.

Some are happy the school is over.

For me, I am happy for those who have the luxury to receive good education. Best wishes all the kids and people I met in this trip.

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