Impressions of India – Faces

Every portrait or face tells a story. The best place to take portrait are away from the tourist hot spots. In those tourist fested areas, they will be many enthusiastic locals volunteer to pose for you, or encourage you to take a photo of their animal or kid (monkey, camel, or even baby), be prepared to pay them tips in return, else you will be in trouble.

So, the better place is where locals hang out and fewer tourists. It is great honour and experience to take some portraits of folks on the street. Look into their eyes, you may find a story lies within.

Some of the interesting portraits are taken at Chandi Chowk, Old Delhi, before the shops open. The ancient bazaar and narrow lanes will be too crowded after 10am.

There are many laborers and cart puller delivering goods at dawn. They are taking well deserved rest when the sun rises.

Another good locations will be at the residencial areas and even with local tourists. Many locals are very friendly.

Some bring the whole family (the subsequent shots the family members double in numbers, the head of family called their relatives to join in).

It is interesting to observe the different attires, which tells tales of their origins.

Some drag their friends to be inside the picture frame.

This guard is the most patient model who is kind enough to position until his face is framed by the filtered light.

Some are camera shy but giving their consensus to have their pictures taken.

This elder Muslim man is walking to the local Masjid for Friday prayer, and happy to pause for my camera. It is wonderful experience to have hundreds of portraits and able to see the subtle differences in their facial structure, skin tone and attire.

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