Impressions of India – Street Views

The streets are full of sights and smells. Road side hawker stalls and restaurents on every street and corner.

If you can try the Masala tea or the popular ‘Cai’.

Or join the locals to have cup of hot ginger tea.

Visiting bazaars on foot is the best way to see the real India. This bookstore is the actual size of the entire store (no cropping), you can see how creative is the owner turn the tight space into double storey bookstore. Cool.

If you are adventureous, you can walk upstairs to visit some of the shops on first floor.

or go underground to visit the toilet (there is no public washroom on the streets). So we have buy ticket to go inside the metro train station and exit later, just to visit the toilet.

We are at Delhi, other towns in Rajasthan state do not have underground tube or metro. The following street scene is right outside of the metro up the staircase. Notice that many people, you look at me, I look at you.

or the laundry shop in desert town (Jaisalmer).

There are all sorts of vehicles and animals admist the narrow lane. There was an incident that we witness more than 10 raging bulls dashing through the narrow lane. It was narrow escape for many passerby.

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