Impressions of Sekinchan – Malaysia

Sekinchan was a small coastal village in Selangor state, Malaysia. I always wanted to visit this town renown for its paddy field, seafood, fruits and swallow farm (bird nest). The best time to visit is around June and November, where the paddy fields are golden color ready for harvest.

Well. I just decided last night what the heck, just make a morning trip and see what is this town has to offer. And I am glad I made that impulse decision. Although the paddy fields are just planted, the fishing village give me a great impression of this town, and I will definitely return during the harvest time.

Without a map, it was still relatively easy to navigate around this small town, which was about 110KM from Kuala Lumpur. One easy route was to take Sg. Buloh – Ijok – Kuala Selangor – and heading towards Teluk Intan. It was about 1 hour+ drive.

When I reached the town, the fishing village was on the left (Jalan Bagan), and the paddy fields were on the right (there are few Chinese villages, Site A, B and C). It was easy to walk around the fishing villages.

The wooden walk ways reminded me of Pulau Ketam, where the entire village was build on the wetland to handle the tides. Another similarity would be the rubbish.

Walking along the river, I noticed many colorful houses and boats.

The wooden houses and the ‘fishy smell’ in the air soon overwhelmed my senses.

More boats and muds …

And fishing nets, containers and tools were everywhere. There were also a few shops making fishballs and seafoods related products (taste good, recommended).

I could see some villagerswere chatting, taking afternoon nap or waiting for the returning boats. There was also a ship yard making/repairing wooden boat.

With the narrow lanes, motorbike and bicycle would be common transportation.

If you plan to walk under the high noon sun, make sure you have high SPF sun block or come cover. I bought my hat at Sekinchan town, else I will ended the same like the dried salted fish.

Seafoods in Sekinchan was “cheap cheap good good”. The famous dishes were baby shark (soup, fried, or the stir-fry jelly-liked shark skin), chilli shrimp, steam fish etc. Just ask the locals, they will give you the hint which restaurants are for tourist, and which ones are popular for locals.

On the way back, I dropped by Site A (Chinese village, a history inheritance from the British ruling days in order to fight the communist rebel), and visited this very ‘yellowish’ Chinese temple (南天宫) admist the vast paddy fields.

On the return trip, I would recommend you to stop by the road side fruit stalls, pickup some mangoes, sweet corns etc. local produces. Another common sight was the cotton-filled pillows.

If you never been to Kuala Selangor, have the dinner at the riverside (Chinese village opposite the town), visit the monkeys and the signal tower at Bukit Melawati, the legendary princess rock, and the most famous fire flies river (Kg. Kuantan). Just make sure you don’t pick the full moon night because the light emited from the fire flies will be less vivid.

Have fun @ coastal town of Selangor. By the way, I visited Pantai Redang, it was a big let down. Nothing like ‘Redang’, hope the beach could be improved to attract more tourists.

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