Impressions of Melaka – Creative Arts

Besides shopping for antiques at Melaka Jonker Street, it was a pleasant place for those who loves arts, creative works and fun stuff.

Of course, shutter bugs got to watch out for sign and gesture not to take pictures. Many shops and places are not friendly to photographers, so beware.

So tourists also learn to respect and at the same time creative in picture taking. So it won’t spoit all the fun. See, even Facebook was on sales for RM10 along side with other antiques.

And this shop keeper always has a big grin to welcome antique hunters.

If you don’t like antique, you can look for scrubber made of fishing net.

If Samsonite bag does not suit you, Melaka has their famous carrying case to offer (container used during festive gift case).

If budget is a constrain, how about bringing home some used bottles? See! Melaka always have something to everyone.

If you have an hour to spend, making your own organic soup could be another way to hide away from the high noon temperature.

So, indeed something for everyone can be found on Jonker Street.


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