Impressions of Melaka – Hotel Puri

If you new to Melaka and looking for a decent place to stay, Hotel Puri could be a good choice. The hotel looks tiny along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, but hey, all the shop front were small for old towns because once upon a time, tax was based on width of the shop but not built up area. So the residence became creative and make the houses narrow but long. (this could be rumour or truth, up to historian to verify).

If you don’t mind the tighter room space, and wish to get a feel of the Melaka Chinese house deco, this hotel has enough to delite you.

It has the signature open air well right at the reception to welcome you.

The hall way has plenty of local antiques and decorations, including the Nyonya style furniture (actually more Chinese style with heavy ornament).

I was fooled by the small shop front, and amazed by the interior space of this seemingly tiny hotel. It was connected to the adjacent shops, thus has enough room for few dining area and gardens.

The twist and turn of the corridors, walk ways and stairs add more fun this boutique hotel.

The garden was cooling, filled with flora and local artifacts.

And one of the pleasant surprise to the visitor was the Melaka tree in the garden. According to Mr. Francis Ng, a qualified taxonomy botanist at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), there are 2 species of Melaka tree. The correct tree seen by Parameswara (the story of a brave kancil kicking and fighting the hunting dog) should be Phyllanthus pectinatus (native species in Malaysian forest), and not Phyllanthus emblica (imported species).

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