Impressions of Melaka – World Heritage City of Unesco

It has been some years after my last visit to Melaka old town, and now it has a crown “World Heritage City”.

Again, it was good to act as tourist this morning for a quick 2 hours walk about. St. Paul’s Church looked the same but the view underneath the hill was changed substantially. There were 2 extreme views of the modern construction near the historical site, some welcome the good amenities, some dislike the modern influences.

St. Francis Xavier statue still stood on the hill, and the chapel remained the same look (thank goodness). The statue was erected on 1952, and a fallen tree broke the hand off.

Church with the same name St. Francis Xavier Church was at the foot hill, it was built on 1849, much later than St. Paul Church ~1521.

On the foot hill, tourists were crowded at the remaining gate house of the Portugese fortress “A Famosa”, the famous gate (1511 – 1641).

Then, Dutch overtook the city in 1641-1795) and left their red marks.

So did British, who change the red stuff to colonial style after 1795.

To me, the more interesting architectures were the local shops, temples and decorations.



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