Impressions of Melaka – Foods

Tourist spots always have legendary foods for tourists and locals. For Melaka on a very shot trip, here are the recommended tried (by Internet bloggers).

(1) Satay Celup

Well, you have to queue for about 60 minutes to get a table at Capital Satay. See the amount of testimonials on the wall for VIP visits and media exposure. The look on the face of the hungry folks strenghten my urge to queue too.

Was it good? Put it this way – “it is not my type of satay”, so I will rather go for Kajang satay. Overall it was an experience to taste satay celup.

(2) Noodles and Ice at Jonker 88

Now, this place was a must try for visitor, if you can find a seat during lunch time.

If you love Asian curry noodles, there were plenty of choices. The taste was as good as it looked.

If you are Malaysian, you known the magic of Cendol with gula Melaka (coconut brown sugar). And inside these 2 bowls have the hidden King of all fruits – the mighty DURIAN. In Melaka, seems like every store is serving durian cendol. Anyway, this one tasted good (could be a bit sweet for others).

(3) Chicken Rice Balls

There are few stores selling the famous balls (look like fish balls at first glance). Chung Wah restaurant was the famous chicken rice shop. The queue started even before the shop opens.

The rice balls have more compact texture than chicken rice after they were squeezed and mold into circular balls. It was fun for the first try if you have not tasted yet.

(4) Klebang Coconut Shake

Now, this will be another store that make you queue up …. after 20 minutes, then only you realized that the queue was for takeaway, then you wised up and started to find a seat. (dump tourist)

Klebang is outside of Melaka town, on the way towards Port Dickson. It was a vanilla shake with fresh coconut juice and fresh, topped with extra scoop of ice cream …. heavenly cooling during the afternoon hot temperature. RM2 (USD0.70), who wanted to complain?


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