Impressions of Melaka – Night Market

Jonker street was closed  for traffic during weekends and the street was transformed into night market. Since there was nothing much to do at the evening, tourists will pay visit to the night market or having a drink at the open air side walk.

Jonker street has a Chinese name called 鸡场街 (Chicken Field Street???). To make it more relavant to Unesco status as World Heritage City, this street is also called 文化街 (culture street).

There were many artists performing, from musicians to talents

and of course plenty of hawker stalls selling snacks and good foods, including my favourite durian pancake, durian puff, durian cake, durian cendol (ice), durian coffee, durian …

Like typical Malaysian night market, Jonker Street was filled with sights, sounds and smells. This grilled cutterfish store attracted me liked a fly.

This bakery store open from day to night. Besides the traditional biscuit, I loved the durian puff.

If you see some stalls with long queue, it could be some new snack food imported by popular demand. I saw few ‘potato tower’ stall swamped by adventurous hungry souls.

On the end of the street, the community put up free karaoke for the general public as night entertainment. Many senior citizens volunteer to sing the night away.


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