Impressions of Putrajaya – Balloon Fiesta 2011 part 4

The organizer was very considerate to make the fiesta a family event. So there was something for everyone. Firstly, there were plenty of Helium balloon if you like to take home a balloon.

Another hot item was the ‘bubble gun’. The floating bubbles in the air added good carnival feel to the fiesta.

for those a bit more adventurous, there was rock climbing cliff (for kids, if I climb, the tower may over turn).

The orbing ball rolling off the slope, and the aqua orbing that floats on water were popolar game for the family.

There was another wrestling version very popular among the youngsters.

The balloon ride was not for baby (minimum 4 feet high), so the parents have other games together with their toddlers. you can notice the fathers with toddlers in their arms while writing the racing ‘bike’.

There were also many merchandize stalls, games and shows in the compound.

So it seemed like a good event to have company outing too.

if you like to visit, beware the last day is tomorrow (20 March 2011), and check the weather forecast before you come over. Have fun!







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