Impressions of Putrajaya – Balloon Fiesta 2011 part 1

2011 is the third balloon fiesta at Putrajaya.

It was my first time visit to this festival and having fun getting close to the actions.

As long as you carry a SLR camera, the guard would allow you to go near the balloon (because there is a photo competition underway). There were so many photographers who overwhelmed the compound. As a newbie, I also ‘acted’ like photographer to join the fun.

It was fun as public can get very near to the actions. I can feel the heat on my face.

and this picture was taken when I was inside the busket (with petrol dripping onto my camera) of the tethered balloon.

The challenge was to get the limited ticket. So the queue started before 5am. When I reached by 6am, I was queueing at 100+. So those reached after 6:30am might not get the tickets. There were only 5 balloons for public ride, and each turn can only take 3-4 people. You can check out the organizer’s website to view the itinerary. There are 2 rides everyday, 8am and 5pm.

By 7am+, this was the view of the queue.

Was the tethered balloon ride worth RM10? Here was the view from the balloon. I won’t do that again next year.

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