Impressions of KL Bird Park (Part 1)

One of my favourite park in Malaysia that I don’t mind paying entrance fee is KL Bird Park, inside the Perdana Lake Garden. It is the world largest free-flight aviary bird park where you are surrounded by exotic birds.

One tips to local Malaysian visitors, bring your IC and Jusco/Metrojaya card to extra discount. Check out before going. You can save few bugs to buy the bird feeds later.

What can tourists expect to see? First, floral. The aviary is decorated with lush green tropical florals.

Of course, bird park definitely has varitey of rare species of bird, including chicken.

There were plenty of shy species of birds that keep a distant from the visitors, so one has to pay extra attention to the bushes or high up on the branches to make great discoveries (that was the fun part).

There are about 200 species that I only can name less than 5, including Kentucky Fried Chicken.

some were better looking than others (personal taste) …

Some are easier to name than others.

Well, the celebrity in KL Bird Park has to be this fellow – the giant Borneo Hornbill.

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