Impressions of flower market @ Sungai Buloh

The best place to admire floras in Malaysia is not the Botanica Garden in Putrajaya. It has to be the flower market at Sungai Buloh, outskirt of Kuala Lumpur (it is very easy to access via a new highway through the Sg Buloh hospital). The second good choice will be the Orchid Garden inside Perdana Lake Garden (used to charge RM1 per entry).

The flowers sold here are lower than market price if you know how to bargain. On the weekends, you can see many mountain bikers venture into the nearby hill. Sungai Buloh means ‘River of Bamboo’; one can still see the river irrigating the floras but not much sighting of bamboos.

During Chinese New Year, it will be very difficult to find parking. On weekend, it is advisable to go there early. The weekend shoppers will swamp the tiny road by 11am. If you do not intend to buy any green plants or flowers, then bring along a camera and have some fun. It is indeed a good place to spend 1-2 hours as family outing.

The purpose of sharing these pictures is to let my overseas and local friends to decide if the place worth visiting. If you like floral, Cameron Highlands and Sungai Buloh are good place to visit.

Now you can find grapes and strawberries on Cameron Highlands. If you are lucky, you may find grapes hanging on the real tree in Sungai Buloh too.


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