Impressions of KL Bird Park (Part 2)

What I liked about KL Bird Park? Well, I have to say taking picture of ‘captive’ birds was slightly easier than ‘butterfly’, of one simple fact that bird is much larger. 🙂

Thing has in common between the butterfly park and bird park (both are in the same Perdana Lake Garden in KL) – Colourful. The most spectacular is the peacock, the striking blue under the sunlight was hard to describe with words (I am not very good with words either …)

There were many peacock strolling around and not afraid of human being. Some prefer to perch on tree top.

I notice the kids were not too fancy about peacock. Children were fond of the lovable parrots.

Some were kept in cages, but others roamed freely.

The Mandarin Duck also has very vibrant colors. This duck just came out from the pool with its colorful swimsuit.

Well, there were so many colorful birds that I lost count, and don’t know which pictures to share. The conclusion is: pay RM15 and see it with you own eyes, cost more of less than same as watching a movie on weekend.

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