Impressions of East Coast Foods

If you are familiar with or fond of East Coast (Peninsular Malaysia) cuisines, you can easily name the tasty dishes in picture below.

clockwise from top right:

(1) stir fried Hakka noodles at the famous food street (Medan Tangga ) in Kuala Lipis

(2) Nasi Kerabu – the blue rice, color from flower petals (Bunga Telang)

(3) Nasi Laut – is the Kelantanese version of fisherman catch of the day

(4) Steamed Keropok Lekor (I called it Hotdog style Fishcake), I preferred the fried Keropok Lekor

(5) Kelantanese Laksa

(6) Khao Jam (I preferred to call it Cow Jumps) – my favorite herbal rice

and of course, there are plenty more tasty local cuisines and pastries in Kelantan and Terangganu. The fruits and vegetables are fresh because there are plenty of agricultural farms in the flat land.

Visiting the local market would expose you to seas of colors.

Even the pastries are full of variety of colors and shapes.

One specialty of East Coast snack food will be the popular Keropok, typically fish or shrimp crackers. Both the central markets of Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu has entire floor selling batink and dried foods. So stacks and mountains of keropoks are common scenes.

There are also plenty of special foods for acquired taste, like sea turtle eggs, sting beans, salted eggs, and unknown stuff ….

In this trip, I am glad to have the opportunity to eat (not tried because I ate quite a lot) bees. Yes, big fat adult bees. With wings, antennas, legs, and big plate of bees … It looked awful (the following picture was taken in very dark restaurent, but you can still see the bees and larvas.

How was the taste? I must admit — it tasted much better than it looked.


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