Impressions of Aquaria KLCC Part 1

To some children, visiting Aquaria at Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) were a scary experience. I kept hearing young kids screaming (excitement more than scary) from different corners. The aquarium also offers many unique experiences to the visitors.

Even adult could fall in love with the marine world.

There were many hands-on experience for visitors. They were touching the Horse Shoe Crab and friends were snapping away with camera and phones (no flash allowed).

Some visitors just won’t listen. There were electric eel, tiger sharks, and this particular aquarium full of pirahnas. The skeleton was the last employee who fed them, now there was new hiring posted for volunteer diver.

Taking pictures inside aquarium was very challenging. The marine life were moving fast, low light, water depth distortion, plus very dirty glass shield. So, end up this gentlement has to let go his huge SLR and use the low light point-and-shoot (he has been taking pictures on this lizard for more than 10 minutes… how did I know … I am the idiot who stood in line to queue for the shooting @#$%@* … actually I walked away and came back, the guy still there … that was called full time professional photographer)

Overall, it was nice family outing venue. There was something for everyone, especially Chinese visitors, they kept saying “that fish taste good if you cook with …”

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