Impressions of Aquaria KLCC Part 2

We knew so little about the marine life. It is fascinating to see their forms and shapes. How could creatures from the same cells (foam) evolve to so wonderful colors and special adaptations? It is good to visit Aquaria once in a while.

This face was staring right at me, while chewing sands in its mouth … scary …

Some were out of this world. I could imagine the monster movie where such creatures could be hundred times it original size (may be due to neuclear radiation) … very frightening …

Some were beautiful in disguise, and very deadly.

This was a huge mud skipper which can breath on land.

Same did this toad, very fat toad.

Some could be admired as well as on dining table.

Although Aquaria KLCC is an aquarium, but it has lots of other insects and reptiles too.

Well, that’s end my short tour while waiting for PC Fair to open door. I will probably revisit again five years from now (the ticket price allows to visit Orchid Garden 35 times).

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