Impressions of KL Orchid Garden – Plenty to offer

There were two gardens opposite of KL Bird Park: Hibiscus Garden and Orchid Garden. The entrance fee was free on weekdays and RM1 on weekends (only if the ticket office is only duty).

For RM1, I won’t complain too much on what it has to offer. It was definitely good walk abouts and short 1-2 hours outing for many.

Today, I got lucky to meet this transparent worm.

Every where I turn, there were some things to offer (if I look for it), else, I may be like many visitors who will go to anywhere and complained “nothing to see”.

There were plenty of bees and dragonflies, great for macro photography. I did not manage to get any good macro shots today, would try again in the future (still learning how to shoot in high resolution macro that one can see the compound eyes), the bees won’t stop on each flower for more than 2 seconds.

Today was special day as I manage to see snake the first time in Hibiscus Garden. It ran up quickly to a tall tree, else the snake could be a better model than the tiny insect.

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