Impressions of Butterfly Farm (Penang) – Lizards etc.

I have not much luck on my last visit to the Butterfly Farm at Teluk Bahang, but manage to get a glimpse of some lizards and insects on the way out.

There were few gikgo that looked like mini crocrodiles when study in close distance.

It has the eye of the snake (or reptiles to be exact), which was hypnotic.

Many visitors did not even notice some other creatures that have excellent camouflage. Below was the Malayan Leaf Frog.

The most interesting bugs were these little fellow, with their bag having human (looked like Elwis) face. Can you see one with thick red lips, and all have cool looking hair style? One cannot stop laughing when these live creature walking around with different facial expression.

So, was Penang Butterfly Farm a good place to visit? If you are willing to pay RM18 (for Malaysian only, foreigners have to spend more) and have idling hour in the morning, then you can pay a visit. I would prefers the butterfly farm in Kuala Lumpur (apparently both farms were operated by the same owner), which has bigger layout and more variety of butterflies.

I found another excellent place for macro photography. It was free, just along the road side of Leith Street. I saw many bugs on a small patch of plants. This fly was one of the visiting bugs.

One day I will learn the techniques to shoot high resolution macro, that will be fun. For the time being, just bear with me as the above images were the by product of my hunt for food. This shot of the ants harvesting on ripe (tiny) fruits was the result of waiting for seafood restaurent to open at Bukit Tambun.


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