Impressions of Penang – UNESCO World Heritage Cities

Personally I think that Georgetown has a bit more interesting sites than Melaka City, although both towns were crowned with UNESCO World Heritage Cities title.

The attractive part of Georgetown is the fact that it is ‘living heritage’, with people doing their trade, and serving the good foods, staying in the old houses. Little India is at the heart of the heritage trail, and it has plenty of sights, sounds and tastes to offer.

There are plenty of Indian shops still running daily trades in the community.

For visitors who like architectures, Georgetown has plenty of ancestral temples, churches, masjid, colonial neo-classical government building, pre-war shoplots and traditional houses.

Unlike China, India or Egpyt historical sites with more than five thousands years of long history, Georgetown’s history can tracked back 7th century, and most of the buildings were built in the past 1 to 2 centuries ago. A nice walk along the heritage trail can easily see functional buildings like the lodging house or mini hotel below:

Here was the proof that what I meant by ‘living heritage town’, I still can find kids playing outside the old shop that was under renovation. Great to see more conservation works to keep the heritage site alive.

Of course, Penang has also plenty of other attraction such as beach resort, good foods, outdoor activities to keep tourists enchanted.

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