Fun with Fruits

This morning I bought some fruits. The price of fruit had sky rocketed for the past few years. A small box of strawberry cost RM10 (USD3+), 1 small kiwi fruit cost RM2 (USD0.65). In order to maximize my little investment, I took a few shots with the fruits before finished them with full satisfaction (tasted good and sweet).

I dropped the strawberry with the pointed end downwards, it produced a spiral dive. When I dropped with opposite end, it created a big splash.

I did this at the kitchen sink with a tripod and flash. The kiwi fruit was taken early this morning through the windows light. It looked like amoeba (worm).

I put a blue tray under a glass, and let the water faucet dripped. The interesting effect was the water dancing and formed different shapes.

This droplet looked like an angel walked on water.

The other one looked like 3 turtles riding on the blue waves.

Next time I can tried dropping durian or coconut on a glass of milk 🙂


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