Impressions of Little India @ Brickfields

Brickfields was the better known name for Jalan Tun Sambanthan and the neighbourhood. I passed by this neighbourhood on weekly basis but never have a chance to walkabouts and enjoy its local cuisines.

This mansion was a landmark in Brickfields (1904), and it has big compound overlooking the booming KL Sentral commercial buildings.

Nowadays, we no longer can see any brick making business. Even some famous restaurents by the roadside were gone.

Luckily many of the religious temples, churches and mosques remains active in the community. All these nice buildings were within walking distance. The neighbourhood has plenty of old houses from the 50s and 70s.

The main road (Jalan Tun Sambanthan) has a face lift recently in conjunction with India’s Prime Minister visit to Malaysia. These lamp posts were newly added.

Brickfields was also known as the ‘Little India’ in Kuala Lumpur. The Indian trades and traditions are well maintained in the community.

The flower stalls were always associated with Hindu temples. The flowers were colorful and pleasant looking, ideal as offering to any Gods.

Of course, the more memorable impressions were always people and foods.

Malaysians would see more Indian newstands than other athnic groups. And who can forget the banana leave dishes, tea, papadum, roti etc.

Best wishes to the Brickfields community to keep the vibrant way of life. I could still hear the Bollywood music in the background.

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