Impressions of Wesak Day 2011 – Part 1

Wishing all the Buddhists happy Wesak (Vesak) Day on the 4th full moon. I joint the crowd and visited a nearby Buddhist temple in Petaling Jaya old town – the Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple.

Devotees pay their respect by sticking gold flakes onto the statues.

This is a Thai Temple, with Wat decorations.

I am grateful that we have blue sky this morning.

It made lots of difference to the color and texture of the architecture.

Every object showed off thier vibrant colors and the good weather brings good mood to all the visitors on this important day.

The devotees opened their heart even more for the donations (to the temple and charity).

One can make donation anonymous or named. You can see every glass has a sticker whose name will be blessed.

The big crowd also bring good business for street merchants. There were flowers, ice creams, balloons, beggars etc. outside the temple.

I wish this evening the weather will be as good for the float procession in many part of the world for Buddhist devotees.


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