Impressions of Wesak Day 2011 – Part 2

Many Buddhist devotees having a grateful heart to pay respect, to make offerings, or to receive blessing at their local Buddhist temples.

Height was not an issue if you have the big heart.

People were more patient when it came to charity or donations. If it was traffic congestion on the road, you would already hear loud sound from vehicle horns. This queue was a lot more gentler.

Some kids have an early start to learn the family culture and belief.

I noticed many adults took out their wallets and handphones to be blessed.

some preferred to be blessed with holy water and divine blessing. Good for everyone.

It could be the first time for this lady to paste gold flakes onto the statue. Her expression was a bit nervous.

There were many donation bowls and bells to be rang for blessings.

I wish the same hands that made the wishes bring lots of good to the community and planet. May you have a good holiday or happy Wesak Day.

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