Impressions of Zoo Negara – Candid Shots

The animals were cute (only in enclosure). Try to face them one-on-one in nature you would know their true behavior.

There are zoo offering ‘swim with dorphins’, and Zoo Negara has ‘swim with tiger … if you dare’.

If you don’t like swimming, Zoo Negara has the yoga class too. See how these birds demonstrate to you a post even defy the capability of master yogi.

If you were old enough, you can learn from the oldest animal in the Zoo – the giant tortoise. It was funny when the ‘act’ occurred, a father and son family strolled by. The son asked, “Dady, what are the tortoise doing?”. The wise fathery hesitated for a brief moment and replied, “Son, they are exercising.”. The son was happy with the teaching and move on.

Another (smaller) tortoise was also caught in the act – eating. His mother should teach him table manners to wipe the mouth clean after eating.

This otter has no intention to share his lunch.

It is common to see monkey climbing to different compounds to steal food. This long tailed monkey is enjoying his free lunch.

Some celebrities in the zoo enjoyed extra treats as desserts.

After a kid throwed an aluminium can to feed the elephant, the crowds become worry. Some adult started warning the kids as the metal cans may cause digestive problem to the poor elephant. The elephant did the ballet stance and picked up the can, and put inside its mouth.

There was a moment of dead silence.

To everyone’s relief, the ‘big dumb elephant’ was clever than we thought. He spitted out the squashed can (to flat metal sheet) after drinking the soft drinks. Hope the elephant won’t get sugar high after the treat.

Next, the birdies were showing off their hairstyles.

This elderly bird also showing off his ‘hairs’ and feathers. I am glad that Olympus camera can render the tonality of the feathers under shadow and still keep the white hairs in view.

And finally, we have to say goodbye to the Sun Bear who was playing hide and seek in the tree hole. Have a nice day to you.


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