Impressions of Zoo Negara – Nature in Enclosure

Zoo Negara is not the the ‘best’ zoo in the world but still worth visiting if you like to see some local celebrity like OrangUtan. For folks in KL, it offers a good family outing, especially for kids. It is not petting zoo but you can put your hands on … the leaves or snakes.

May be not this one …

These reptiles might look like a pet, but they were more than a meter in length.

The bats were hanging (far away) and nothing between me and the vampires. Luckily the sign said they were vegetarians.

Some animals were not to be messed with.

Luckily I was not wearing red shirt. Look at the muscle of this adult male Gaur.

If I have to choose to be one kind of animals or insects in the zoo, I would choose to be a bird outside the cage. They were plenty of birds allowed to roam free in the zoo. At times, one can see them outside the zoo compound too.



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