Impressions of Zoo Negara – who was looking at who?

Finally there was a sunny break before the afternoon thunderstorm on Saturday in Kuala Lumpur, so I dropped by for a quick visit to the national zoo.

Not many foreign tourists, mostly locals who enjoy family day out. They were plenty of species of animals and insects, mostly (and sadly) locked in the cage.

If you like to do bird watching, I would recommend KL Bird Park instead of Zoo Negara, but if you like to see exotic animals like lion, tiger, OrangUtan (I did not manage to visit the OrangUtan during the short visit), then Zoo Negara has more big games.

Many of the animals are hidding or hidden in the dark, behind the glass or cage, or roamed at far distance. That posted some challenges to visitors trying to take pictures using their mobile phones, or even SLR users with handheld zoom lens (unless they use those F2.8 at 800mm super zoom lens :). I did not have those super fast zoom lens, so you have to bear with the picture quality (not too bad for some closer shots that you still can see the fine hair).

Back to the title of this post. While human visitors were looking at the animals, animals also observe we human.

I am wondering what were they thinking. And see if we can see the soul through those ‘sad’ eyes.

Hope I can visit the national parks and see if animals roaming in the wild show different spirit in their eyes.

Do they prefer easy meals or freedom? Try to pet this croc and it will tell you the answer.


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