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Impressions of Universal Studios Los Angeles

If you loved Hollywood movies, Universal Studios will be a familiar place to be.



Impressions of Disneyland as a theme park

If you use the 2011 benchmark to visit Disneyland at Anaheim, California, it could be disappointing. If we use the 1955 standards, it was beyond marvelous.


Impressions of Disney parade – princesses

It was relatively challenging to take pictures during the parade. Firstly, audiences in the front rows were requested to be seated on the floor, but many performers were on higher ground on the floats. Furthermore, there were crowds, trees and many other distraction in the background. To make the matter harder, the dancers were in rapid movement and performers turn around very fast.

So, below were some glimpse shots of the princesses and performers.


Impressions of Disneyland parade – happiness

Disney’s mission statement is “We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all
ages, everywhere.”

I could sense that every Disney members have delivered their service inline with their mission – to bring happiness to all ages.


Impressions of Disneyland parade – sights and sounds

Impressions of disneyland? Excitement filled with music and colours.


Impressions of Disneyland parade – characters

One of main attraction in any Disney theme park would be the evening parade. In this post, I focus on the cartoons and animation characters caught during the parade.


Impressions of floras @ Disneyland

One of the side benefits to visit Disneyland during summer season is the beautiful floras. I guess there could be also plenty of flowers during other seasons as Anaheim is in the sunny state of California.