Impressions of Pet World 2011

This year’s Pet World is held at Mid Valley Mega Mall, Kuala Lumpur, 3-5 June 2011. If you are Maybank credit card holder (gold and above), the entrance fee RM5 will be waived. If you have pet, then it may be worth while visiting, else you will see more products booth than pets, could be disappointment to some who plan to visit the exhibition to see pets.

If you like to see more animals, save your money to watch Panda 2 (the movie), which has more animal characters, and they speak English.

There were so few pets that I have to shoot on the same lizard.

The air conditioning of the shopping malls was running low (means very hot). Most cashiers are sweating and animals were spleepy.

Snake was sleepy, even this toy cat was sleepy.

The real dog was also sleeping and waiting for adoption (really, you can adopt this dog). I like the effect of the shadow of the cage casted on the fur and the newspaper as cushion mat.

Even the big dog was sleepy. I have to put my camera on the ground to see its eyes.

This fur ball also sleepy.

The Shi Tzu dog could be the only excited fellow, self entertain with his/her eyes.

I am kidding with you for the comments above. If you have pets, it is really worth visiting, as they were plenty of events and products. You can exchange experiences with enthusiatics pet owners in the show. Best wishes to all the pets, and their owners.


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