Impressions of Pirates of the Caribbean

Today I witnessed the power of Hollywood marketing. I saw someone being hung to death Mid Valley, and left to rot with only skeleton.

Then I saw this vodoo doll looked like Captain Jack Sparrow (actually, it has nothing looked like Jack or Johnny), and the sign said Pirates of the Caribbean, so it was the movie promotion of the 4th instalment: On Stranger Tides.

I watched the 3D version 2 weeks ago. My rating was: save your money and watch 2D. It was still a fun movie to watch.

Today, I am more impressed with this mock-up ship that is 3 storey high, landed in the middle of Mid Valley Mega Mall.

Most of the items were made of styrofoam, but the painting and shaping works were very realistics. The photographer above looked like taking picture of a real big pirate ship.

I also joined the fun and took my impromptu HDR (high dynamic range) picture by tone mapping 5 images. The HDR photos were shot handheld and I useed a trial software to process it without much tuning.

30 seconds HDR compare to straight-out-of-camera (SOOC) Olympus Dramatic Tone art filter, 1 second. It looked like water color with dirty blank ink, just for fun.

Have a nice Saturday evening and wonderful Sunday! And then you can look forward to happy Monday.

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