Impressions of Gasing Hill – no chance to comment

Gasing Hill is a popular (temporary) green lung at the heart of Petaling Jaya. It could be the most accessible and less mosquitoes park that I have visited. There was less than 2 mosquitoes per minutes, much better than Mount Kiara Rimba park, easily more than 10 mosquitoes attacking me at the same same time.

I was at the enterance of the park, venture into less than 100 meters, and it started to rain. I was lucky as the down pour did not start when I was deep into the track. I took shelther in a resting hut and plan to visit again on other time. And I have excuse to eat banana leaf roti canai (I ate the bread, not the leaf) at Raju Restaurent.

I ended up taking the following shots from the lime tree at home. The first was worm that mimics bird dropping, about 1cm in length. The parent could be the swallowtail butterfly.

And don’t ask me what this was, I have to take PhD to learn about all the bugs in Malaysia. It is the wonders of nature.


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