Impressions of Bukit Merah Orangutan Island

The island was not on the coastal but on an inland lake at Bukit Merah. The lake was now made popular to the locals by Bukit Merah Lake Resort. It was kind of like a mini zoo inside a theme resort. If you like to see baby Orangutan, this was the place to be (else you have to take a flight to Borneo).

This baby was few months old, and it was cute overload.

It has big eyes (but the pupil was not sharp, I heard it was sick).

There were many babies in good care by the care takers.

The level of care provided was comparable to human baby, with diaper, milk bottle, pillow, baby cradle.

This sanctuary was not without criticism because the Orangutan were not ‘trained’ to be released into the wild. The Orangutans were so used to human and lack of survival skills, and ended the rest of their lives in other zoo (sold). This tiny hand holding the cradle might last forever (depending on human).

I found this place more like a zoo or Jerassic Park, really, they design tourist walk way similar to that of Jerassic Park, where animal roam in the island and human were in the cage tunnel. From photographer perspective, the design was very lousy because I cannot take any pictures from the cage.

The Orangutan babies were on display, behind large but oily glass windows.

The baby Orangutan was facinated by the smart phone so you could imagine the would face if it was releasing to the wild. I saw another Orangutan on the beach drinking from Coca-Cola can.

I hope this tiny hand (and many other animal species) have a better chance to live in their natural habitat.

The entrance fee for Malaysian adult was RM28. It includes a short boat ride from the resort to the Orangutan Island. The resort was near to the Bukit Merah exit from North South Highway, very near to Taiping. The picture below was Kampung Air, part of the resort (taken from the boat under hot afternoon sun).

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