Impressions of Perak Cave

Ipoh was a hilly town with plenty of caves. Perak Cave (Perak Tong) was one of the 3 famous cave temples.

The temple has staircase and walk way to reach half way up the hill.

Tourists should take precautions of the potential landslide. On normal dry days, it would be nice to take a short climb up the stairs.

There were many floral inside the cave and on the surface of the hill.

The limestone hill has many interesting shapes and forms.

On any writable surface, one can see beautiful paintings and calligraphy.

Mystical paintings and characters.

The main altar was within the largest cave (hall), the large Buddha was more than 12 meters tall.

The entire temple was built in harmony with the caves and hill.

My first visit to this cave dated back to less than 7 years old, and I would say that this won’t be┬ámy last visit to this temple.

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