Impressions of Taiping Zoo – Part 1

If you are traveling between Ipoh and Penang, do stop by Taiping for its food. If you have a few hours, do visit the famous Taiping Lake Gardens and Taiping Zoo. The zoo was under expansion and renovation. It was a welcome move because I can feel the differencse as compared to Zoo Negara (Kuala Lumpur). I could get close up to the animals.

I was less than 2 feet from this croc. You can see my shadow in it’s eye. And this tiger was swimming a few feet from me (luckily it was in the water so it could not jump).

This Honey Bear or Sun Bear was also a few feet away. If you were near the cage or put your hand inside, the bear would have a happy snack.

You could reach and touch some of the friendly animals (of course good tourist like me would not do that).

You would notice some animals coming towards you begging for food.

I have never seen so many big catfish jumping off the water with their mouth widely opened to catch the feed.

More stories in next few parts of the visit to Taiping Zoo.

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